Portfolio Businesses

Our current portfolio of actively managed businesses include the following companies in the Wellness, Construction and Digital Asset sectors

The Bathhouse Group

A luxury bathhouse business developing one of the world’s most luxurious bathhouses, located at Albion in Brisbane, Australia.

Vanderbilt Wellness Holdings owns The Bathhouse Group.

Native State

A high performance coaching and wellness business, located at Kirra Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Vanderbilt Wellness Holdings is a Majority Shareholder in Native State.

SRG Built

A residential construction company with an open builder’s license allowing the business to build projects ranging from single storey homes to high rise towers.

Vanderbilt Private Equity is a Co-Owner of SRG Built.

DAUS Capital

A private investment company focused on the digital asset ecosystem.

Vanderbilt Private Equity is a Co-Owner of DAUS Capital.